Old Friends

A couple of days ago I was reacquainted with an old friend of mine: SimCity. I think SimCity was the first strategy/simulation game I ever really played on the PC, and the first time I sat down with it I continued to dream about it when I went to sleep - not the best of signs.

What’s interesting is that I was never any good at the game, probably because I never read the manual. Still, it’s a blast. The latest SimCity release is SimCity 4 and it hit the shelves back in 2003, but I haven’t had the change to play it until this week when I downloaded an evaluation copy1.

This time I went through all the tutorials before I started playing and knowing a little about how things are done makes it - not surprisingly - even more fun. It’s a classic case of RTFM.

All hail mayor Vegard!

  1. Yes, I got a pirated version from the interweb, but now that I know that it works on my Intel Mac I’ve ordered a copy from the Apple Store. Hah! ↩︎


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