OMG! The Server is Downz!!!!!11!

People have a very strange relationship to technology. They expect it to work twenty four seven, three sixty five. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It doesn’t. Sometimes technology goes tits up for no apparent reason. In some cases, it can be disastrous, like when a hospital’s life support equipment stops working. That’s bad, of course, because people on life support tend to die when this happens.

Sometimes when technology start to misbehave, you would, based on how people react, think that hundreds of people are about to die because of it. It’s like entire countries are about to get wiped off the map unless technology starts working properly again right this minute! But that’s rarely the case. It almost happened once, though, back in 1983, when Stanislav Petrov positively identifying a missile attack warning as a false alarm. Technology fucked up and the world was almost destroyed. A human saved the day.

Right now the poor people at CCP are struggling with a network issues and EVE Online is unresponsive and offline from time to time. Of course, all the morons are ganging up and screaming at the top of their lungs that CCP fix the problems or it will be hell to pay. Have a look at the forum thread about the issue if you dare. It’s interesting to observe what the interweb anonymity does to some people.

Yes, I can understand that it can be annoying that you can’t play the game right now, and I know that you paid for access. But shut the fuck up and go for a walk instead.


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