On My Way Back Home.

I’m tired. So tired. Yet, I’m unable to fall asleep, probably because I’m on the bus on my way back to my home town to have a look at little Lucas. Does he look like his father or the mail man? Time will tell.

In the past I usually had no trouble falling asleep on the bus, but over the last couple of years I’ve found it harder to sleep on any kind of public transportation. Bus, trian, plane; there is on way I’m able to catch any Z’s. When I was living in Oslo and dating Stine, I usually took the bus to visit her. It’s a seven hour or so ride and I always took the night bus right after work. If I was lucky, I was ale to get one or two hours of sleep. I bet I was excellent company the first day of my visit…

The SPAM-whore is back, by the way, have to ban his IP when I get back to Oslo.

Picture taken with a Nokia 6230

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  1. And when you don’t sleep, you eat. And when you don’t eat, you drink. And when you don’t sleep nor eat nor drink, you do other things that we should not mention here.

    You animal, you!

  2. I’m a simple man. what can I say?

    what about an update? there must be something interesting news you could share with the world. how ’bout some more pictures of Lucas?
    or even more interesting would pictures of halfdressed (halfnaked?) girls in the park be.
    come on! we know you can do it.


    Daddy K