On the Move Again.

I’m writing this instead of watching yet another few episodes of anal humour – South Park, that is. I hope you feel privileged!

I promised you that I’d tell you a little more about my new place. I’ve not moved in yet, but I hope to do it soon, maybe tomorrow or on Wednesday. Anyway, I’m moving in with five (5) other people, and that’ll probably be a little strange at first, considering that I’ve never lived with that many people. They all seemed nice, so I guess that it won’t be a problem – otherwise I wouldn’t have moved in. Naturally. My new room is about twice as big as the one I live in now, which gives me a problem with space. Too much space. I need something to fill it with. Any ideas?

I think I’ll watch some South Park instead. Looks like you’re not as privileged as you thought.

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  1. I was about to suggest the same thing….

    maybe it would be better to install a huge rotating bed with mirrors above in stead?

    Anyway… take lots of pictures of the new place so we can see your new home.

  2. On the move again
    Just can’t wait to get on the move again
    The life I love is movin’ furniture with my friends
    And I can’t wait to get on the move again
    Movin’ out again
    Goin’ places that I’ve never been (ie cleaning under the bed and behind the closet)
    Seein’ things i never wanna see again,
    And I can’t wait to get on the move again.

    (louder) On the move again
    Like a gypsy i was thrown out by a single mother
    We’re not the best of friends
    And i’m glad i never again will have to see her
    and her kids…
    So i’m on the move again
    Just can’t wait to get on the move again
    The life I love is moving sofas with my friends
    And I can’t believe they want money to do it again

    (guitar solo)

  3. Hey, you got a guitar, right? And a voice? Now that you also have a song, you can fill your room with sound…

    (Pretty deep, coming from me, huh?) :-P

  4. Yeah, I’ve got a guitar. But I can’t play. And I’ve got a voice. But I can’t sing.

    I should be able to learn to play the guitar. At least a few chords.