On the Move Again

I’m writing this instead of watching yet another few episodes of anal humour - South Park, that is. I hope you feel privileged!

I promised you that I’d tell you a little more about my new place. I’ve not moved in yet, but I hope to do it soon, maybe tomorrow or on Wednesday. Anyway, I’m moving in with five (5) other people, and that’ll probably be a little strange at first, considering that I’ve never lived with that many people. They all seemed nice, so I guess that it won’t be a problem - otherwise I wouldn’t have moved in. Naturally. My new room is about twice as big as the one I live in now, which gives me a problem with space. Too much space. I need something to fill it with. Any ideas?

I think I’ll watch some South Park instead. Looks like you’re not as privileged as you thought.


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