Last night the page counter (located at the bottom of every page if you want to have a look) passed the one hundred thousand milestone. I’m not sure when I started to record the number of pages being served, but I guess it was early 2002, so if we say that one hundred thousand pages have been sent to requesting clients all over the world in the last one year and four months, I guess that gives you a good picture of the traffic on the site. It’s not that much, really, and I’ll probably never even get close to the likes of sites like the famous waferbaby. But it’s not too bad either. In April, I had a total of 4531 unique visitors to my site, plus three days of traffic that got lost somewhere in the logs. The server wasn’t down, three days are just missing from the modlogan stats pages. 4531 is a good figure, I’m pleased, but I can do even better.

Hans Olav just called me and wondered if I wanted to join him and Henrik for a coffee or three downtown. Camilla also wanted to meet me tonight, but I told her that I had to read for my exam. Which is not a bad excuse, but very true indeed. If I flunk this exam, I won’t get my Master of Computer Science degree. Bottom line is that I have to read for my exam, even though I have to admit that both a coffee with Hans Olav and Henrik, and meeting with Camilla is pretty damn tempting. Writing this post and getting something to eat is almost all the leisure I allow myself before I’m heading back to the books and more Processes and Techniques of Requirements Engineering. Oh, the humanity of it all…

It turned out Tor-Erik already had a pirated copy of Conquest: Frontier Wars on his computer, so I really didn’t have to buy the game. But I think I’ll let my People-Who-Make-Good-Stuff-Deserves-Some-Money-For-The-Effort-Policy shine through. I’ve only had the time to play the game for an hour or so, but it seems all right and pretty entertaining, so I can probably live with the fact that I strictly didn’t have to use those nine bucks to buy the game.

I’ve also scored my first ever permanent and real (read: not from someone I know personally in real life) link on another site! Go ahead and visit the absolutely stunning and very, very not single Wenche. Oh, and the site is in Norwegian. You can try InterTran if you want to translate it to English - or one of the many other languages supported.