One Line For You

Here’s a few new one-liners before I go to bed. That’s how much I love you.

  • Money should be utilized as a tool. You just gotta know which nuts to screw.
  • The only job you start at the top is digging a hole.
  • Worry is like a rocking chair; it keeps you busy, but gets you nowhere.
  • Frog blast the vent core!
  • Failure is not an option - it’s a lifestyle.
  • Most people don’t act stupid - it’s the real thing.
  • In the dark I hold your hand, because in the light you look like a man.
  • It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are a fool than to open it and remove any lingering doubt.
  • Beauty lasts for a moment, but ugly goes on and on and on.
  • If the early bird catches the worm, what about the worm?

If you spot any dupes, please let me know.


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It looks like you're using Google's Chrome browser, which records everything you do on the internet. Personally identifiable and sensitive information about you is then sold to the highest bidder, making you a part of surveillance capitalism.

The Contra Chrome comic explains why this is bad, and why you should use another browser.