One Step Forward

I’m impressed.

Only one week left now and I’ve been running every other day for a month. The most interesting thing is that I’m actually seeing some progress. I run the route faster; I’ve cut the time down by around 40 seconds - not much, but I’m only running a mere 2.5 kilometers each time. My average and max heart rate is also decreasing, and for some reason I’ve gained about a kilogram.

In a world where you see talk about the dangers of obesity every day and where the average American is getting so fat there is a real chance the world will tip over any minute, you’ll probably think that gaining weight is not what I wanted in the first place. But I’m a bit underweight, of all things, and gaining weight - in the right places - is a good thing for me. No, I’m not hoping I get bigger breasts.

So, only one week, then, and the Nike Plus kit is mine! This brings us to today’s new Apple gadgets: A new iPod Nano, nick named “Fatty” by the Apple fan boys long ago, and a spanking new iPod, the iPod Touch. It looks a lot like the iPhone, has Wi-Fi support, and comes with Safari and Flash installed. All great stuff, but I doubt I’ll ever get one. My good old iPod - now called iPod Classic - is all I need and then some.

While we’re talking about music; if you’re looking for some good chillout electronica I have to recommend a project I just discovered, Planet Boelex.

Planet Boelex is an electronic music project originating from Finland, started in 2004, consisting of only one member. Self-taught, learning music by experimenting on computer-based “tracker” softwares. Planet Boelex released the first freely downloadable EP “Sinking in the soup” in Janurary 2005, on one of the oldest netlabels in existence, Monotonik. This five track release shaped the sound of Planet Boelex, which could be defined as melodic electronica fused with influences from ambient and idm. This release was followed by several new Creative Commons -licensed EP’s on netlabels Monotonik, Ogredung and Kahvi. In 2006, Planet Boelex performed live in Estonia, Italy, Croatia and England.

You’ll find even more excellent electronica over at the Kahvi Collective.


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