Today marks one year of employment in Rubberduck Media Lab. Eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours of Mobile TV. Five hundred and twenty five thousand six hundred minutes of hard work. I celebrated that I’ve made it this far by eating an ice cream. This guy really knows how to party!

It’s about time to recap. Was it really worth it? I’ve had a good salary, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve for instance become a decent Java programmer and I’m probably amongst the top ten when it comes to Mobile TV technology knowledge in Scandinavia - maybe even in Europe, if I can be so bold - and I’ve also learned that I will never, ever again try my luck as an entrepreneur. It’s just too damn much work. I think all the work has somewhat influencing my physical health. I’m still walking around as a zombie, half awake, half asleep, in spite of the fact that I’m getting my eight hours each night. I wake up rather refreshed, but hit rock bottom again some time early in the afternoon. I’ve also got very little energy left when I arrive home, this evening I had planned to run my usual rounds, but instead I ended up watching two episodes of Futurama. Not much exercise in that.

Congratulations to myself, Ola and Espen for making it through the first year. Also, congratulations to Hege and Marit (Espen’s girlfriend) for hanging in there when their boyfriends were burning the midnight oil at the office. Too bad I can’t congratulate Stine (who has made it back into the cast, by the way, who would’ve thought that) on the same thing. She used my job as an excuse when she bailed, but our relationship was bound the go to hell anyway, Rubberduck Media Lab or not. Maybe I should congratulate her for seeing that the relationship would break down and having the courage to actually do something about it and leave. I hope she’s very happy now. Ah, fuck it, congratulations to Stine, too. I hope you’re doing great.

Today also marks the thirteenth day without a single life sign from TC. Merete suggested that she might have chickened out and that she’s giving me the silent treatment, but backed away from that theory when I told her that TC’s friend had not heard anything either. That she’d actually got her friends to play along was just too far out. I really don’t know. We’ll see.

One good thing in all this is that I might have been able to push a rather large project back a month, giving me the opportunity to take a whole week off this summer! Yay! And this weekend I’ll probably sleep. And get my hair cut. Do you think it’s possible to do both at the same time?