Roughly one and a half year ago, my friend Ola had a great idea: Let’s gather a bunch of adventurous guys and go to the US of A some time during 2011! I visited Florida all the way back in 2002 and going back to the states is something I wouldn’t mind doing again. Also, it could be a nice opportunity to do a few of the 100 things I’ve decided to do before I croak.

2011 might have seen like it was far away back then, but with only a few months left of 2010, it’s now about time to start planning the trip. Not surprisingly, we’ve already decided to go to Las Vegas. Other than that, very little has been set in stone. We’ll be traveling for 14 days, and will probably go in June or August. But of course, as the real planning was about to start, there were a few bumps in the road. This week, two of the merry gentlemen who originally signed up for the time of their lives have decided to chicken out. Bummer.

But screw that. I’m going. No one is going to take my dream of firing a Dessert Eagle away from me!