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The Ultimate Gaming Rig is Cancelled!

I’ve suddenly decided that I won’t purchase a new gaming rig. Whaaaaaat!?

After many, many, many hours of research, and a seven post series exploring the ultimate gaming rig, I’m not getting one after all. Not right now, anyway.

I started the giddy process of putting together a list of the parts I wanted, and did a little shopping around for the best prices. Then I suddenly realized – once again – that I don’t need a new gaming rig. My employer-provided Surface Book has 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU. It’s not a massively powerful package, but it’s capable of running the games I play these days. I don’t get a ray-traced graphics or a gazillion frames per seconds, but the laptop is good enough.

And how much do I actually play? According to Steam, I’ve played a grand total of 1.1 hours in the past two weeks1. The game I played? Counter-Strike: Source, a first person shooter that was release back in 2004! It will probably run on your fridge.

Do I sound like someone who need a new gaming rig? No, I don’t.

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The Solar Panels Adventure

A month ago we had solar panels installed on the roof of our house. Let me tell you how that is working out…

Last year I published a post called Why Not the Sun? where I argue that everyone should switch to solar power to cover the world’s massive – and growing – energy needs. In the post, I write that we’re considering putting solar panels on our house. This summer, we actually went ahead and did it. We now have a 7kW solar power plant on our roof.

The plant has been operational for about a month now. It was offline for a few days because of an inverter malfunction, but for the rest of the month the solar panels have worked like a charm. Here’s a graph showing how much power we pull off the public grid in a typical week since the plant came online:

A graph showing our typical public power grid utilization after the solar panels came online. Some days we don't use any electricity from the public grid.
Our typical public power grid utilization after the solar power plant came online.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

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2019 Norwegian Municipal and County Council Elections

It’s only two weeks left now until you can drop your ballot at the 2019 Norwegian Municipal and County Council Elections on September 9. Have you decided yet?

Once again you have the chance to make a difference by voting in an election. Two years ago, it was the Norwegian Parliamentary Election, this year it’s the municipal and county council elections.

I’m not a very politically active person, but I make a point of voting in every election. If you don’t I’m sorry to say that you’re a moron. It’s your duty as a registered citizen in a democratic country to make an effort to show up at a polling station. In some countries, people die for the right to vote, and to decide who’ll make all the high level decisions that affect their everyday lives. And you’re just going to sit on your ass, complaining that the government does a terrible job? Then fuck you.

If you can’t find a political party that aligns with your believes and opinions, you can at least go to a polling station and cast a protest vote.

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Why Should I Use a Password Manager?

Short answer: You should use a password manager because good passwords are hard to remember. Long answer: See below.

To log on to a website on the internet, you normally have to provide a username and a password. A good password is a long one because the more characters a password has, the longer it takes for a hacker’s computer to guess it. But it’s also generally hard to remember long passwords, and many people tend to use the same password – and often username – on all the websites they log in to.

When you use the same credentials everywhere, there’s a higher chance a hacker can figure out your username and password.

Actually, it’s very likely that it has already happened.

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The Ultimate Gaming Rig

My gaming rig is 10 years old, and I’m in dire need of a replacement. But what is the ultimate gaming rig?

Every time I buy a new computer, I have to learn everything about hardware and the state of various operating systems all over again. In a series of posts, I’ll got through some of the important things to consider when buying a gaming rig:

  1. Operating system: Windows or Linux?
  2. CPU: Intel or AMD?
  3. Graphics Card: Nvidia or AMD?
  4. Form factor: Laptop or desktop?
  5. Tinkering factor: Parts or pre-assembled?
  6. Sustainability: New or second-hand?
  7. Conclusion: So what’s the ultimate gaming rig setup, then!?

I’ve decided on this specific order of things because decisions taken on the top of the list might limit the available choices later.

In this seventh and final post in the series, we’ll have a look at what I decided in the previous posts and how those decisions describes the ultimate gaming rig.

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