Good bye for now…

At least for two weeks+. Tomorrow at 6am local time, I’m going to Florida. I look forward to it. But I wish the weather forecast was better.

I’ve also bought a 48mb memory card for my digital camera, which means I can take over 650 pictures on my trip. I’ll post some of them here when I get back.

Code name Nina

When I first started to write this little rant, it was with real names. “Why not use her real name”, I thought. “The girl in this lill’ story will never ever visit my site anyway. There are billions of pages on the Net. What is the chance that she will read this?”

It’s quite slim. But links to my site are popping up all over the place (jump of joy). It’s linked from my personal web page at my college. It’s on Yahoo!. It’s on AltaVista. It’s on Google. It’s on Northern Light. It’s on some obscure other search engines and personal home pages. It’s in my e.mail signature. It’s in my ICQ details. OK, I admit; the chance is still pretty damn slim. But’s it’s there. So I dropped her real name. Hate me.

Now let’s get started, already!

code name nina

So, I finally sat down and wrote the rant. Unfortuantely, as I told you before, I chickened out and changed the real name of the girl it’s all about. But it’s a bit amusing anyway. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of you will probably just blow air between your half open mouth (and make that pffbt sound) and think something like “you’ve got a crush on her, man, it will not last for long and then you can start thinking of other things.” Wrong. I’ve been like this since the first time I saw her. 2 years ago. Hey, you two at the back! Stop screaming “pathetic”!. This thing will stop in about 10 months when I’m graduation from college and move someplace else.”

Click here for the whole story. Whoho!

I’m going to Florida in four days. The following flights better not fall down from the sky:

KL1214 27AUG Oslo – Amsterdam, Fokker 70
KL6047 27AUG Amsterdam – Detroit, Boeing 747
KL6049 27AUG Detroit – Orlando, Airbus A320 (whops)
KL6443 10SEP Orlando – Detroit, Airbus A320 (whops again)
KL6060 10SEP Detroit – Amsterdam, McDonnell Douglas DC-10
KL1217 11SEP Amsterdam – Oslo, Fokker 70

Ah… Screw it All…

End of summer vacation. Back to college. It’s going to be great fun. Or at least I hope it will. I have to take one of last years math courses again. I suck in math. I have always sucked in math and math-ish subjects. Physics for instance. God damn…

Physics is bad because you have to learn a lot of really strange formulas. Take these laws of Newton for instance. Great stuff. I’m glad that apple fell down from the tree hit him in the head. But I wish it had hit him a bit harder. Or rather much harder. The freackin’ three should have hit him in the head.

I’m not going to college to be able to calculate at what angle you have to throw a baseball at 200 feet to hit your sister in the head at a speed of 40.2 feet per second. And thank God for that. I really don’t want to throw things at my sisters anyway.

Screw Physics.

(you can’t use a single one of the formulas for a real practical problem because none of them was put together with the force of air in mind. great.)

I’m going to college so that I can code nice programs for you so that your everyday life becomes a bit easier to cope with. But seriously, I think it’s easy enough as it is today. Everything is so damn easy that we have all just stopped thinking. Take the Jerry Springer show for instance. I bet my left nut that none of the people on that show — or in the audience for that matter — think — at all. Empty. Vacuum. Or if they think it’s something simple like “I’m gonna punch that fuck in the face because punching people in the face is fun and I get payed to do it, so that all the hillbillies sitting at home can push even more junk into their mouths and get even fatter.”

Screw white trailer park trash.

The old Asian Man on the Bike

Two times when I have have walked home from my college, I have seen an old Asian man on a bike. “An old Asian man on a bike? What’s so special about that”, you might ask. Well, If you live in Asia, I guess you see old Asian men on bikes every day. But that is not the point.Two times when I have have walked home from my college, I have seen an old Asian man on a bike. “An old Asian man on a bike? What’s so special about that”, you might ask. Well, If you live in Asia, I guess you see old Asian men on bikes every day. But that is not the point.

What I noticed was how fast he was biking – or rather how slow. I have never seen anyone drive a bike that slow without falling over and hitting the pavement or a car. I could easily have walked besides him on his journey to his (to me unknown) destination. But I decided not to in case he was on a twenty miles ride or something like that. The thing was that he looked so exteremly satisfied and happy with life as the passed me – it seemed like he didn’t have a single worry in life.

I hope I can ride my bike real slow and be happy when I get old.

Actually, it seems to me like no Asian old folks have worries. When you see TV broadcasts from Asia, do you ever see an unhappy old person. No, you don’t. They all get up at 4 in the morning and get together in the park where they do strange gymnastic exercises for several hours. And then they play chess for the rest of the day. And they all look very satisfied.

I’m going to move to Asia when I get old.