Portishead: Roseland NYC Live

Portishead: Roseland NYC Live.This is one of the best live albums I have ever heard! It is the first Portishead I have bought, and it sure won’t be the last. Portishead is no bad live band. Lead vocalist Beth Gibbons gives you nothing but crystal clear vocals. It’s not like hearing the Spice Girls live when the producers decides to take the risk and turn on the girls’ microphones during the concert. This is the real thing and it sound great. The best track is probably track #10, Roads. It was recorded during the Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway. Play this one loud and let yourself be seduced by Gibbons magical voice. This is a must have for all Portishead fans, and a should try for the average person with some self respect…


Homeworld.Homeworld — Relic Entertainment’s masterpiece. The winner of the E3 Game Critics Award ’99 for Best Strategy and a twenty feet list of other awards. It’s several reasons for this: The killer graphics, the awesome game play, the thrilling skirmish mode, the beautiful ambient music, I can just go on and on.

I bought Homeworld the day it hit store shelves and I have yet to get bored while playing it. I have to admit that I don’t play the campaign anymore (playing the same story over again and over again is a bit repetitive), but every now and then I play a round of multiplayer skirmish and it’s great fun every time.

Homeworld goes out highly recommended, not just to strategy gamers but also to players of other genres. This is not just a thinkers game. It’s also packed with a lot of sweet guns and heavy action. Ever wanted to control an ion cannon the size of a medium sky scraper? Now is your chance.

Real-time strategy. Real 3D. Real Game.

Three Kings

Three Kings.George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze play a quartet of U.S. soldiers who, disillusioned by Operation Desert Storm, decide to steal a large amount of gold hijacked from Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s army. Getting the bullion out of an Iraqi stronghold is easy; keeping it is a potentially lethal proposition. By the end of their mercenary mission, the Americans can no longer ignore wartime atrocities, and conscience demands their aid to Kuwaiti rebels abandoned by President George Bush’s fickle wartime policy.

It’s not much to say about this movie. Just that I highly recommend it. Not a single second of boredom.

Coldplay: Parachutes

Coldplay: Parachutes.Music doesn’t come more touching than this. With their debut single alone, the emotion-fortified “Shiver,” Coldplay prove they can shift between elated and crushed in a breath, as singer Chris Martin pours out music’s oldest chestnut (unconditional yet unrequited love) with the shakiest of voices and a backdrop of epic guitars. For 10 tracks on Parachutes, he adds new-found meaning to the most tired and overused rock sentiments — love found, love lost, love unrequited — over acoustic guitars and emotionally fraught rock.

And for once, all the clichés ring true because Chris Martin genuinely sounds like a man picking over the bones of his life, coming up with just as many reasons to be cheerful as seriously depressed. Not that Parachutes is a depressing album–there’s too much conviction to the guitars and hope in Martin’s words for that. Instead it’s a beautifully tender balance that comes as close to perfection as anything that’s come before it.

Oh, yeah… This album really grows on you. A friend of mine bought the album and the first time I listened to it, I thought it was OK, but nothing more. The second time it was a bit better. The fifth time I listened to it, I completely fell in love. This album is just damn spectacular! I’ve now bought a copy for myself and I gave one to a friend of mine for his 22nd birthday.


Sunday… It’s snowing outside. Nice… I was out last night and my head is not hurting. Which is also nice.