Today I had my first run this year and not surprisingly there were a lot of people at the gym. The first couple of weeks are probably the best weeks for gyms all over the world as people with good intentions and fresh New Year’s resolutions get their memberships. Many of them will go to the gym for a month or two, then they’ll be all out of motivation but still pay for a full year. It’s a great business model.

After only two kilometer on the treadmill I started to feel a pain on the back of my ankles, it quickly got worse and so bad I could not continue running. After a short walking break I continued but had to stop again after a minute or so. I have no idea why it happened, I had drunk enough water before the work out and felt quite fresh when I started. A probably cause can be my legs are starting to adjust to the new shoes. It also looked like the treadmill was not perfectly level, so it could be that my feet had been trying to compensate for the entire run and finally just decided that it was impossible and gave up.

Now I’m taking a day off from running and will give it another go on Friday, hopefully with a better result. On Friday it will probably be less crowded as well.