I’m still impressed with my own running. I’m closing in on 11 minutes on the 2.5 kilometer run now. Sure, I realize that it’s not very fast, but considering the fact that I used almost 13 minutes on the same distance when I started to run regularly I think it shows decent progress.

I had planned to run today as well, but someone at work had promised someone that something would be finished today and I was unaware of this until about 10 minutes before I’d planned to leave. So then I was stuck at the office for another three hours, didn’t really get the time to eat anything and now I don’t feel fit to run.

Screw that.

Another issue with running these days is access to clean water. On Tuesday night test samples from Oslo’s largest water reservoir showed that the water was contaminated with the Giardia parasite. Now we have to boil all water we’re using for cooking and drinking at least three minutes before use. Inconvenient, but we’ll survive.

Too bad Giardia is not one of them cool parasites that crawl into your brain and gives you the power to read thoughts or levitate objects. No, we had to get the shitty (literary) parasite in our drinking water. Ain’t that a bitch.

Tomorrow I’m leaving work at 12. Riiiiight…


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