Part Two

The weekend was quiet, a little too quiet in terms of support issues. Of course I don’t mind, but when it gets too quiet, I get nervous. Is it the dreaded calm before the storm? As I’m writing this, three RAID controllers are probably failing in the data centre.

I’m not usually a superstitious guy, but when someone says “no major support issues this week”, I tend to knock on wood.

Friday’s Kompisfestival was a success, me and Terje dominated the dance floor - or at least a couple of square meters of it. I’m not sure if you can call what we do “dancing”, but at least we’re having a good time and that’s the most important thing. The DJ was a bit of a moron who didn’t take requests. What gives? If we had come for the music and paid to listen to him DJ, I could have understood him, but the fact was that the organizers had paid him to play. In my head that means that he should take requests. Maybe he had a reputation to maintain, what do I know.

I have mentioned this before; when I’m with drunk people who don’t know me, they tend to suffer from the misconception that I look a bit like Edward Norton. It’s probably caused by severely blurred vision from the alcohol. It happened on Friday as well, and if I was single and a bit tougher, it’s definitely something I could have capitalized on - “capitalized” in this context meaning having an all right starting point for a conversation with someone of the opposite sex with the obvious goal of picking her up. But since I’m neither single nor particularly tough, it didn’t happen. Come to think of it, I never took advantage of women’s blurred vision when I was single either. Anyway, at around two in the night I decided that it was about time to get home to my bed and my sleeping beauty. It was a forty minute walk, but a long walk is a good way to burn some of the alcohol.

This weekend I also read about 40 pages in Revelation Space, which is starting to pick up speed, watched the Formula 1 race from Turkey, which was far less interesting and went for my eight run in two weeks, which was my best run so far.


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