No, not me. I haven’t been to a party in a while and I’m not really missing it. Either I’m turning to an (even more) boring fart, or it’s because work is hampering my mood and the need to attend any type of social gathering except for going to the movies. I’m hoping the latter is the case and I should do something about it.

New life with both socializing and exercise starts again next week. It’s a good time to start because the guys at work are starting to return from their summer vacations and I’m off support duty for at least two weeks. I’ve never been any good at this start-a-new-an-better-life-thing, though, if you have been reading my entries over the years, you know exactly how bad I am at it.

Someone in one of the first floor (that’s “ground floor” if you’re a fish and chips regular) apartments decided to have a party last night. They played some really, really loud music. There is of course nothing wrong with that - I might be turning into a boring fart, but I’m not a old fart yet. We heard the music quite well all the way up to our fourth floor apartment and when they started to play “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper over and over again, I was pretty sure it was the gay couple downstairs who had invited a few friends over. But it was not, it was just a stereotype failure by me.

They had all the music on a unit that made a beeping sound when they browsed through the music library. Not only was it annoying, it must also be one of the worst design flaws I have heard. A beeping sound is nice for audible feedback when you use an interface, but to have it turned on when the user it playing music sounds (pun intended) like a very bad idea. I think I identified the beeps as the beeps the Xbox 360 makes, but I can’t be sure because I’ve never used it for music.

And now for some more Formula 1 news. The drama after yesterday’s qualifying session continued into the evening. Both McLaren and Alonso were punished for the pit incident. McLaren would not be awarded any constructors’ points they might earn during the race, while Alonso was pushed back five positions in the grid and had to start from P6. McLaren was allowed to appeal their punishment, which they did, Alonso was not.

The race, you ask? It was a continuous yawn. Hopefully the next race in Turkey will be more exciting - but we’ll have to wait three long weeks for that.


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