Party-pictures; always a winner

All right, yesterday night was Ola‘s birtday party and less than twelve hours after I left, the pictures are online for you to laugh at. It was a very nice party, indeed, but what made it really good was that I managed to get Cathrine and Marita to join. It’s been a year or something since I last saw them, and seeing them again was great. They’re both living in Oslo now, so I’ll hopefully see them more often than once a year.

Not that much to say, I’m really just on my way to Terje to get my bike and stopped by the office to upload the pictures. In about a month or so, I’ll also have Internet at home. About time.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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Nice pictures.. btw.. have you ever checked your site on Mozilla Firebird running on Red Hat 9 ??? The reason for me asking is that right now I’m having a hard time reading what I’m writing.. the font in the textboxes is about 5 or 6 pixels high..

No, I haven’t tried it. The CSS is probably generally fucked up on everything not a Windows computer because I’ve only defined the Verdana font. To add a proper font family is on my todo list.

would you guys stop nerding about the different fonts? please… looks like you two need to turn off your computers for a week or so and venture out into the real world for a change. :-P

Coming from a guy who ended every conversation I had with him this summer with “I have to beat the shit out of some Counter-Strike bots”.

But I have to beat them down and show them who’s in charge. otherwise they will begin to take over. really. they will. that’s what the voices in my head tells me. shut up! shut up, I say! (banging my head against the wall) aaaahhh….. :-P

Klas: “venture out into the real world for a change

I’ve decided on staying home after reading your last comment Klas..

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