Out partying last night

Out partying last night… Slowly recovering now. Started out at my place with a few friends and a few beers. The guys with girlfriends had left them at home, something that turned out to be a bad move as the whole thing ended up in a rather heathed discussion about the pros and cons of doing military service. I’ll bet you $100 that we wouldn’t have had the discussion with people of the opposite sex present…

Anyways, after a while we decided that we probably needed to cool down a little, so we went downtown to the place we usually go to - as a matter of fact, there are no good alternatives. Living in a small town sucks ass at times. And it’s a good thing I was not armed, or the DJ might have been executed with a neck-shot. You can’t play Westlife with Up Town Girl - TWICE! (or once, for that matter.) God damn…

But one thing is for sure - the girls here know how to make themselves look good. Or it might just be my standards lowering…


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