Yay. After two weeks of the flu and a nasty cold I’m finally back at the gym. If I had made any progress since I started working out a the gym, it was all gone now for sure. Right now I’m only working out for half an hour, but I think I got to pump it up a notch. I’m only prepared to use an hour max on the actual exercise, though. Getting back and forth, changing to workout gear and the shower afterwards take a good half an hour in addition to the workout - and I want to play some EVE as well!

That’s the main reason why there has not been many updates so far this month. After work I tend to sit down and run a few quick EVE missions and when I’m done with that it’s not much creativity left. The nice thing about playing EVE is that you can always set small goals that’s fairly easy to accomplish without too much effort. Right now I’m training to be able to fly the Covetor, the next step up from the Retriever I’m flying now. In between that I’m running missions for a corporation to raise my standings with them, which in turn means they will take less of the minerals I get when refining ore at their stations. I, for one, find it all this very entertaining.