Peace, Love and Understanding

I went out for a few beers and drinks yesterday. And this time I actually got a White Russian when I asked for one, not a Black Russian like last time. It set me back a good $14, though. Getting a drink in a night club is a damn expensive pleasure in Norway. A glass of beer would most likely cost you $5 or more. Bottled beer about the same, but it’s usually less in the bottle than in the glass. But still, some Norwegians drink like there is no tomorrow. Even I had a little too much yesterday, I think. Things are a bit slow today. I can’t even find the words I’m looking for…

When the Coalition Crusade started in Iraq, I condemned it in the common man’s way by trying to avoid buying products from the involved countries. In some cases, a hard thing to do. One of the companies affected by my embargo was The Coca-Cola Company. Instead of drinking Coke, I switched to a Norwegian low-budget brand, Rimi Cola. Not the highest quality substitute around, but a man needs his soda pop, you know. A while back I had a glass of Coke, and it tasted really strange. Am I getting used to Rimi Cola? Has it become my Coca Cola? I decided to test, and I’m doing that tonight. I’ve bought a bottle of Coca Cola, one with Pepsi Max, a huge one with Rimi Cola and even a bottle of Tab Extra to use as a trap, since I’ve never tasted it. Does it matter what brand I buy? Or do they all taste more or less the same? If so, I’ll just go for the cheapest one. If money can be saved, it’s all good.

Looks like the company, let’s call them Accenture, that sent me positive feedback on my general application didn’t want me anyway. So the hunt for a legal occupation continues. If you’re looking for a creative and hard-working systems developer, fresh out of the university (at least pretty soon), with a wide range of skills, then have a look at my resumΓ© for more information.

I like shooting in the dark. In a figurative sense, that is.

For no apparent reason, I removed the guestbook today.


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