Ah, my posting frequency is rather, shall we say, unreliable? Since we last spoke I’ve almost finished building a new server for this site, been at the movies, ordered tickets to a concert and spent quite a lot more time than usual on MSN and Skype.

Let’s start with the new server. I realized that the server that is currently running this site and two other doesn’t pack enough punch to handle the odd requests peaks I’m seeing. Every now and then, the one-liners are being picked up by some site, sending quite a lot of people this way. The last time this happened, about a week ago, the server got totally clogged when it ran out of memory. The reason? Only half of the 1GB chip in the box is discovered by the motherboard. The result? Swapping madness and total break down. The solution is to build a new and better box that will handle the peaks and then some. This will cost me a hell of a lot more than paying someone to host the site, but where’s the fun in that!? Now I’ve almost got all the parts I need (all I’m missing are some cables and the ones I received in the mail today were all useless - I have to learn to read the specifications properly before ordering), and I’m working on a small How To so that other people can also build their own home server. More to come.

The movie I went to see was the Norwegian “Tomme Tønner”. It’s heavily influenced by the style that Guy Ritchie uses in his movies, and it has its moments. They are brief, but they are still moments. Onc scene in particular actually made me laugh until I cried and that’s not something that happens often to me at the movies. Don’t get your expectations go through the roof, though, but you should still go see it. Maybe just to support Norwegian movies.

In other and music-related news, I’m happy to announce that Biffy Clyro is coming to Norway! Not only are they coming, they’ll be here in two-ish weeks time, on February 1st. That’s some great stuff right there. Even though their last album is not as smashing as the previous one, I’m not missing out on this. And to make everything even better, they are appearing on the Norwegian TV music show Lydverket on February 3rd. I’ll be in the audience, and so can you.

Anniken is still out and about on her 4 months journey. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if she got back tomorrow, but there are still two and a half months left until she returns home. Today she and Pernille, who she is traveling with, left Buenos Aires and flew to Costa Rica, which will be their base of operations for the remainder of their trip. Argentina was nice, but I think they are really looking forward to sandy beaches and umbrella drinks. Over the last two weeks, while they have been staying in the Argentine capital, we’ve been in touch every day using MSN and Skype. And I’m very happy we’ve got access to the wonders of modern technology or else I probably would have gone mad. Now, however, MSN and Skype use will be a more limited, as they will be moving around quite a lot and internet connections might be harder to find. Finger crossed, though, and there’s always text messages and land lines.

Even though Anniken is far, far away, she is in my head pretty much all the time, and sometimes she even manages to occupy it when I sleep. It gives me that tingling feeling, from the tip of my toes to the top of the longest hair on my head. It’s 78 days left. There, I’ve started to count down.


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