Spring is coming our way here in Trondheim, Norway, and it’s once again time to change tires on my bike, this time from winter to summer tires, naturally. As usual, I managed to destroy one of the tubes, so I had to go buy a new one. It seems like I’m always breaking something on my bike when I try to fix it. At least they’re starting to like me at the bike accessories store.

I took a buttload of new portraits of Kine today. Unfortunately, I managed to seriously fuck up the lighting, and that ruined most of the pictures. But as always, I learn from these mistakes. The last time I messed up the white balance on the camera, a thing I didn’t do this time. Next time I hope to get the lighting, if not right, at least better.

It’s Saturday night, why am I sitting here, writing this? One word: Money. Or rather the lack of it. I just paid MasterCard their money back for my camera, and I’ve the flat rent coming up in a few days. So I consider myself rather broke at the moment.