In late 2012, I decided to start posting at least one picture every day to the A Picture A Day section. As of right now, I’ve posted one thousand, four hundred, and fifty two pictures. None are extraordinary, but they are snapshots of my life. It’s a slow motion movie in which I’m slowly growing older (and probably grumpier).

The 2016 photos are just as “exciting” as the photos from previous years. I commute, work, spend time with my family, go to the grocery store, and spice everything up with the odd alcoholic beverage. This year, as every year, I look at the pictures and regret that I didn’t start doing this years ago. I should have started taking a picture every day the moment I got my first digital camera. That was back in 1999, when I purchased a Konica Q-M100V. 16 years worth of A Picture A Day would have been incredibly sweet. 2004 to 2009 would have been particularly interesting since I was spending a lot of time traveling.

As I also do every year, I urge you too to pick up the habit of taking at least one picture every day of what’s happening in your life. It’s an amazing memory booster.


Let’s have a look at some of my personal favorites from 2016. They aren’t necessarily picked because they are great photos, or are of events that had major significant this year. I just like them. And, yes, there are quite a few picture of the Heir to the Throne.