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It looks like 2006 won’t be my most productive year when it comes to posting entries on my site. The main reason is, of course, work.

Still, if you’re a regular visitor, you probably should check back in every now and then, you never know what a new entry might pop up. Like this one.

You might remember me talking about an investment I did a few weeks back. Now I’ve received it, a shiny new MacBook Pro. Not much of an investment, you might think. And you would be right if it wasn’t for the M-Audio MIDI keyboard I ordered with the MacBook. With the keyboard, my guitar and Garageband, I plan to become a famous musician and conquer the world.

Garageband is a lot of fun, actally. I recorded the first few chords of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” (the only chords I can; a source of great annoyance for some people), applied a few filters and got the worst electric guitar solo I’ve ever heard. But still a lot of fun.

Right now me and Gine are on our way to Kristiansand for Hege and Ola’s wedding, and if the wonder of modern technology worked as they should, I was able to post this entry from the train.

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