Wednesday’s planning didn’t go quite as… erh… planned. Hans Olav and Ola managed to get to Beach Club in time, but Hallvard was stuck at home while I was busy putting out a fire at work. Of course it was a figurative fire, I don’t work as a fire man - although I sometimes wish I did. No, something suddenly created a digital black hole on the production platform and had to be fixed. After a good 16 hours at work the team hive mind had managed to find a solution; the universe was once again balanced nicely and I could leave.

By the time that happened, though, Wednesday had turned to Thursday and the planning was of course over. Without the supervision of responsible adults, Hans Olav and Ola had turned our original “North to South on the West Coast” plan into “East to West a bit from the West Coast”.

But that route also looks excellent and it will take us through Kansas, Colorado and Utah - interesting. Maybe even to LA. I’ve heard a lot of nice things about South Central LA.

Reading through what I’ve written, I realize that it sounds overly sarcastic, but that’s not the message I’m trying to convey here. Seriously. Seeing these parts of the US of A will probably be even more exiting that going where every other European (and probably also American) tourist is going. And as long as we get to spend a little time in Vegas, I’m all in, baby!

Former USA Tour 2010: Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas
USA 2010 Tour as of right now: Kansas City to Las Vegas