PlayStation 2? Xbox?

The console prices in Norway are set to drop later this month. That means I can get a PlayStation 2 or an Xbox at a very reasonable price. So I’ll probably buy one because I’m a nerd and I like games an all that.

But what to get?

I started to browse the internet for the pros and cons on both consoles. It turns out, not surprisingly, that the console war is very similar to the browser war. Both sides have its fanatics, and they all try to use CAPS LOCK more than all the other fanatics. These are some of the facts I was able to find after having filtered out some of the noise:

  • It looks like the Xbox is more powerful than the PS2, which is natural, since it’s a newer console.
  • The PS2 on the other hand, has a broader variety of games, which is also quite natural since it’s been around longer and it’s also able to play classic PlayStation games.
  • You need a DVD kit (or have it modded) to watch DVDs on the Xbox, something that can be done with the PS2 out of the box. This doesn’t matter, because I already have a kick-ass DVD player.
  • The Xbox sometimes hangs and locks up. But it’s a Microsoft product, so I guess it’s kind of a trademark.
  • It’s possible to mod the Xbox in every possible way. Huge pro.
  • Both consoles have some exclusive games; the Xbox has Halo, while PS2 has Final Fantasy and Grand Turismo. There are probably other exclusive games, too.
  • Least, but not last: The number of driving games seems to be about the same on both consoles. I like driving games.

This is just a quick list, but I’m leaning towards getting an Xbox. I know, it’s a Microsoft product, but you have to salute the guys when they do something right. I’ll also need an Xecuter 3 mod chip and a bigger hard drive. But all in good time.

I need to get out more. Tomorrow I’m taking my bike to Holmenkollen. If you don’t see any posts here in a week, call the paramedics. I bought a bicycle helmet, so instead of dying when I hit the pavement, I’ll turn into a vegetable. You can have my brand new Xbox.

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  1. I’d recommend Xbox. And I’d like to contradict the “The Xbox sometimes hangs and locks up” statement, because that has never happened to me.

    One big plus for Xbox is of course that you can play Doom 3 on it whenever it is released. Doom 3, even if it was licensed to Playstation 2, would never run on it, due to its incredible graphics. It will be interesting to see how good it is going to look on Xbox when it’s released.

    Really nice Cali babe, btw!

  2. Yeah, I think I’ll go for the Xbox. The prices will drop around the 27th of this month, so I’ll wait until then to purchase it.

    The Cali babe is nice, and this picture is particulary good. It’s sexy and sensual without being drrrty. Like many of the other Cali pictures.

  3. This is the best site i have been to in ages but then again I have not been to many sites.
    Fable is one the reasons why i am getting a Xbox. get xbox and play on xbox live is the best thing you can do on the xbox with the right game of course.

  4. they’ve just about reached the limits on ps2 graphically but i think the xbox still has quite a way to go b4 it reaches it’s limit. Xbox is my choice simply for the fact that you get a hdd to save games and music, also the graphics are a lot smoother and more advanced. Sony pisses me off because some of their games require an 8mb memory card for 1 game, these little black suckers cost almost $50 in Oz. what a jipp. xbox xbox xbox :-)

  5. to anonymous coward, pc is the ultimate if you have enough cash to buy a new video card and processor every six months, plus cable and bigger hard drives. consoles appeal to the masses because they are a cheap alternative and have no setup issues and u don’t have to download drivers or updates to get everything working. By the way, I also have a pc.