Jeez, that picture of Rhonda is really giving me the creeps. So, just to even things out, I had to post yet another picture of one of the beautiful women over at Cali es Cali. And this one is so good looking the photographer wasn’t able to keep the camera steady enough to get a sharp picture.

Paola from Cali es Cali

And now, after I’ve effectively balanced the beautiful-women-equation, I wish to bring up the subject of broad band providers. If you live in Norway, or at least in the Oslo area and is considering getting a broad band connection, I recommend that you don’t go with Tele2. Don’t even touch these guys with a very long stick. There has been a price war amongst the leading broad band providers over the last couple of weeks, and a lot of people have jumped the bandwagon. This could have been a really good thing, because then we can all share our MP3 files and download pr0n on a much higher speed than before. The problem is that Tele2 - and probably other providers - miscalculated the number of subscribers vs the total capacity in their network. This is probably the main reason why my 704/128 line has behaved like a 64/16 line in the last two weeks, with the occasional 128/32 peak.

My problem is that it have to be really bad before I bother to call costumer support. Some people would probably argue that 64/16 is really bad, especially since I’ve paid for over 10 times that speed. OK, if it wasn’t for the fact that calling costumer support from my cellular costs a small fortune, I’d probably done it a long time ago. If you want to get a broad band connection, I suggest that you wait a month or two until the providers have increased their capacity. All that said, I probably should mention that my connection has been stable and working at it’s supposed speed all evening.

In other news, I saw over at some other site that the classic game Doom by id Software (Flash warning) is celebrating it’s 10th birthday today. This was, at least to my knowledge, the second game - the even more classic Wolfenstein 3-D being the first - to be included in the now-so-popular first person shooter genre. I’ve wasted a lot of hours in front of a computer playing all those first person shooter games.

Tomorrow Stine is visiting. I hope I’ve still got this good feeling in my stomach when she leaves.