The Digital Rebel has yet to arrive in my mailbox1. Since I ordered on Thursday, I had a slim hope that it would get here by Friday, and I was pretty confident it would be here today. But then again no. I’ve got the parcel number so I can track box' movements on the Norway Post tracking page online, and what I get from that page isn’t good. It says that the camera was delivered at the post office at point A yesterday at around half past two. After that nothing has happened, so it’s still pretty far from point B, where it should be.

It’s a cruel world.

When Stine visited last week, we went to the movies twice. It was great, because it’s been quite a while since I went to see anything on the big screen - with the noticeable exception of Kill Bill Volume 2 - and I was lucky enough to see two good movies. The effects in The Day After Tomorrow was spectacular, just as I though. It was Independence Day with really bad weather instead of little greyish men, but still a good movie. Recommended. Another movie you should try to catch is Troy. Some epic battles there, not as good as the ones in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, of course, but still. It’s about three hours long, but it seems more like one and a half hour. Don’t pick one movie, go see them both.

  1. To be technically correct here, the camera itself is way to large to fit in my mailbox, what I’m referring to is of course the parcel slip from the post office telling me to come get it. In case anyone thought I had a huge mail box. I don’t. ↩︎