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I’m look for some new portable head phones. I should’ve bought a pair by now, because I really can’t use the ones I have. Unless the cable connected to the phono plug is positioned in a specific angle, all the sound in the left speaker disappears. At work it doesn’t matter much, because I don’t move around a lot, but as soon as I want to listen to music while I bike, I’ve got a problem. I borrowed some Koss Porta Pro headphones the other day, and the sound is generally very good, but I think it’s a little bit too much boost in the mid-range area and not enough treble. And I came to this conclusions after having played a lot with the equalizer on my MP3 player.

I need to buy a new pair of headphones today or Friday because I’m going to Trondheim Friday night, and I doubt that I’ll survive the trip without music.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Well my suggestion was going to be Koss Porta Pro.. In the last 9 (or something like that) years I’ve had two pairs.. The first pair I bought broken (one of the wires needed abit of soldering and the collapsable frame was broken on one of the hinges..) I had them until I moved to Grimstad, then I managed to rip one wire out (again) and they was left on my fathers desk for him to fix for av very LONG time.. so I decided to buy a new pair and have had them since.. no trouble what so ever.. oh and they have life-time guarantee.. I actually got a new frame for the broken pair, but sadly it died only a few months later.. But since you’ve tried and rejected the Porta Pro this rather long “oh-they’re-so-great” speak is a bit pointless I guess.. oh well.. back to work.. :p

  2. Oh.. I lied.. no trouble what so ever isn’t exactly true.. after a couple of years use the thin foam cover thingy on the ear pieces falls apart and needs to be replaced.. but the bigger pad that sits over the ears is still going strong after 5+ years .. :) Also they work very well if you wear glasses, tinted or otherwise..

  3. .beldin: The life time warranty sure is a great thing. Not sure if any of the other manufacturers operate with the same kind of warranty.

    Toro: And the first site you visited was mine, yes?