Power Hike

Although I wasn’t particularly social last week, I did one of the things I wrote I would. I started exercising again. OK, to be honest, I didn’t start until yesterday, I used last week to build a small system that I can use to record all my sessions. As you know good preparation is half the job, so now I’m only exercising half as hard as I would without the system.

Jokes aside; one of my main issues when it comes to regular exercise has always been motivation. When there is enough data, I can start to create all sorts of interesting graphs that show my progress and I’m hoping that something that visually shows progress can keep me motivated.

I’m recording everything from my weight before I’m starting to average heart rate during the session as well as data like actual ride time vs exercise time when I’m biking. Right now I’ve only recorded yesterday’s run, a run that should in itself motivate me to exercise more. I hoping to enhance the system further with route plotting, maybe even a Google Map integration. There are already some really good tools for just that available, like MapMyRun.com, but I’m not sure if I can use the maps generated directly on this site and that’s something I want to do.

As If I continue to run - I really prefer biking, but it’s a bitch to bike during winter and getting a fairly varied exercise is probably good - I hope I can justify buying a Nike+ kit. Not because it’s necessary, rather because it’s really, really cool.

Tonight I’m restituting. I think I’ve heard somewhere that it’s important.


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