Yesterday I tried another acoustic guitar with a preamp to hear if it produced the same strange sound as Gine’s guitar. As opposed to hers it sounded excellent, so I guess the conclusion is that something is either wrong with her preamp, or it’s a really bad piece of equipment. It’s not exactly a budget guitar, so it’s probably something wrong with the preamp. I’m hoping to have the time to take it back to the store some time this week for them to have a look at it.

On Sunday I saw Edison, with well known and respected actors like Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. For some strange reason, director David Burke decided to cast singer turned actor Justin Timberlake for one of the leading parts. I’m not sure what exactly turns Edison into the crappy movie it is, it might be Justin and it might be something else entirely.

Anyway, Edison does not make it to my recommend-list.