The weekend is approaching fast – not too fast of course, it never can – and preparations for the WoWFest have begun.

The first step was to get a working copy of World of Warcraft. I already had the game installed, but it connected to the US servers and that would have made it impossible to play with Roar. In addition to that, the trail period expired months ago. How I was able to get a trail on the US servers in the first place with a Norwegian address is a bit weird because the US trail was supposed to be restricted to US citizens.

Anyway. I was not going to pay the full retail price for a game I’m only planning to play for a weekend – hopefully I won’t get addicted this timer either – but it’s possible to get a 14-day trail account for about USD 2. A rather good offer, but you can’t buy a key online so I headed down to my local game pusher to see if they had any copies left.

They did and had the DVD covers on the store shelves for people to look at. The DVD was removed, but for some reason they had failed to remove the leaflet with the account key from the cover. If I had been dick, or a little short on money, I could just have written down the account key, gone home and downloaded the game from the WoW site. Since there are a lot of morons walking around there was a good chance that someone had already used the key I bought, but thankfully that was not the case.

WoWFest, here I come!

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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Grattis med samboerskap, jemini! Ellers, dette er det mest nerdete stuntet jeg har hørt fra din kant. Det her spillgreiene altså. Men for all del, sikkert voldsomt gjilt!

Thanks! What can I say about the gaming thing? I’m a nerd! Join us, Marita, you know you want to. Jooooiiin uuuusssss……

If you guys happen to touch down on a Roleplaying server called “Earthen Ring”, then be sure to give Dinoin a shout :) And donate all your cash to him when you’re done, as well, plz thx!

Unfortunately, we’re not playing on that server… Also, I was warned that PvP servers could get pretty rough.

Trial is probably a word I’ll write as “trail” for the rest of my life. I’ve got the same problem with “customer”, which always ends up as “costumer”. Not the same thing…

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