I’m now officially on vacation, even though the flight out of the country is not until five in the afternoon tomorrow. I’ve packed all the stuff I can today, with only some clothing left to cram into the suitcase.

Since I’ll spend a lot of time at airports and in the air I’ve got two books to entertain me; “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King and “Chasm City” by Alastair Reynolds. From my review of another Alastair Reynolds book, “Revelation Space”, you’ll probably gather that I’m not too thrilled about the author, but after having read the first 50 pages of Ken Macleod’s “Learing the World”, “Revelation Space” stands out as a masterpiece by comparison.

After my previous long haul, that time to Hong Kong, I swore that I would get a PSP for my next long trip but now I very much doubt that it will happen. It’s a rather pricy gadget and I’m not traveling that much these days. Initially, I’d planned to rip some DVDs and put them on the iPhone instead, but then I remembered Apple’s unbelievably stupid design that makes it impossible to insert most head phones so I scrapped that plan.

Hopefully my iPod and the two books will be enough entertainment to keep me flying.

So, to conclude; tomorrow I’m off, Oslo-London-Hong Kong-Cairns-Hong Kong-London-Montreal-London-Oslo, all in just two weeks. Keep checking back for updates, as long as there is GPRS or Wi-Fi coverage, I’ll post something every now and then.