In 2005 Yahoo! acquired Flickr and, both for undisclosed sums. In July the same year, News Corp. acquired for whopping $580 million USD in cash. In October 2006 Google bought YouTube for a respectable $1.6 billion USD in stock and Chad and Steve laughed all the way to the bank. They’re probably still waking up at night laughing until they pee themselves. And someone is probably negotiating for the acquisition of Digg as I’m writing this.

The common factor for all these sites is they are all boosting user-generated content. Hell, is basically just a large collection of tagged links. It seems like the secret to becoming filthy, filthy rich is to get a Web 2.0 community site with user-generated content up and running, get the rumor out there and hope that people are not tired of posting personal stuff about themselves on the interweb.

Enter stage left; At the moment it’s very, very basic, but if time permits it will pretty soon be my ticket to MTV Cribs. I need another semi-dedicated PHP-programmer for this project. You game? I really need to get the user-handling and sign-up in place. Biggest challenge will probably be the damn time zones. Never liked those.

For all I know there might already be a site exactly like this online. But that I don’t know about it means that they haven’t got people talking about it yet so the race to the Google money is still on.