Press Play On Tape.

I wish I had something interesting to write about. I honestly do. But I don’t. My days now consist of sleep, work and TV and very little happens in between that. I bike to and from work, that’s about it. I also manage to cram a little food and the odd shower. But it’s not really anything to write about, many of you are in the same life loop as me and know exactly how entertaining it is.

I really need to start exercising again.

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  1. Interesting title you chose. It’s not only the boot post message you get when you turn on your Commodore 64, it is also the name of an excellent Danish band renowned for playing (old style) game- and scenemusic on real instruments. Their live-version of “The Theme from Monkey Island” from The Gathering is simply amazing!

    Most of their music can be freely downloaded from their website at Highly recommended!

  2. Mmm.. . Commodore 64… I still have mine even though half of the F-buttons have been broken, and the tapeplayer has a serious attitude-problem. Favourite game: Elite! (On Amiga as well. On PC now: EVE-online .. hmm, I spot a trend)
    How about uploading screenshots from Teacher Killer, Vegard? Me wants to admire you handiwork in BASIC.