Approximately 8 hours now without Instant Messaging, and I still haven’t gone into a shivering, cold sweat frenzy. A good thing. I’ve played with the thought of turning off my cellular, too - even before this was posted - but I decided to take one step at the time. This week, IM, next week, cellular. Yay!

I think I’ve been able to connect Greymatter to the archive, thanks to a post by Glenn Fleishmann. Every time a new entry is added to this site, Greymatter pings, which in turn places a link to the site on its front page. Just another effort to lure more fools to visit my site. Unfortunately, there are about a zillion other sites doing exactly the same, and some of them even have more attractive names.

Today I learned a lot about the jabberd server architecture. Yeah, it’s Sunday, but the project deadline comes running towards me at an incredible speed.