Yay! My SleepTracker arrived today. A little whining always helps. The problem is that the package now located the post office. I got the package slip in the mail, but I was at work when it came. Great. Also, the morons at customs have decided that I have to pay almost NOK 300 in VAT for the package. Damn it. Since it’s Sunday tomorrow, the post office is closed, so getting the package is a bit hard. Marvelous. And I can’t pick it up on Monday either, because I’m in Stockholm. That trip certainly ruined a lot of things. But The Girlfriend said she could pick it up for me, so all is good.

After about eight hours at work today, I was so annoyed I almost threw my monitor through the glass window in my cubicle. Instead I decided to leave and go home. Now I’ve played Grand Turismo 4 with Hans Olav, Karine and The Girlfriend. One of the guys me and Hans Olav live with has a PlayStation 2 and a projector, so we nicked both and rigged everything in the living room. Quite entertaining. When I get my own apartment - one day - I think I’ll have to get a projector, too.