Quake III Arena.
Let’s go back in time. Let’s go WAY back in time: Wolfenstein 3D. The first masterpiece from id Software. The computer games scene saw the first signs of a new computer game genre. id Software revolutionized the game industry with Wolfenstein 3D and it’s forever living sequel, DOOM. Then came DOOM II, Quake, Quake II and now - Quake III Arena.

Unlike the other games from id Software you are not going to save the world or anything like that in Quake III Arena (Q3A). It is a pure multiplayer game for local area network (LAN) or Internet games. Gather some friends and kick their butts! If you are not connected to the Internet or a LAN, you can still enjoy the game. Q3A features a huge number of computer controlled oponents called bots (short for “robots”) for you to rip apart.

If you are into pure hard core 3D first person shooter action, then get this game - NOW!