The innovators at Nintendo has finally revealed their anticipated new gaming system: The Nintendo Switch. Formerly known by the code name “NX”, the Switch looks like a 7 inch-ish tablet. It comes with detachable controls and a (possibly optional) docking station.

The teaser video, which you can watch below, sure shows couple of neat ideas. The detachable controls and docking station enable you to move from gaming in your living room to gaming on the go without much effort. This means that your dog doesn’t have to poop in a corner of your living room anymore. You can simply take the game with you, seemingly without interruptions. It also looks like a bunch of Switch devices can be set up in an ad-hoc network, allowing people to play the same game together on different devices.

It’s clear that Nintendo has no intentions of competing with the gaming console heavyweights, Xbox and PlayStation. Also, there’s no mentioning of anything even remotely related to VR. The competition is mobile phone, and tablets. I’m not sure why you would want to carry around a Nintendo Switch when you’ve already got a phone or tablet with you. But one possible selling point might be exclusive access to Nintendo’s popular gaming franchises.

The Nintendo Switch is not for me, though. To be honest, Nintendo has never been for me. That’s one of my secret shames in life. I’ve never owned a Nintendo product. Actually, I’ve never played more than 5 minutes of a Mario game, or even touched a Wii U1. As with other Nintendo products, there’s very little about the Switch that appeals to me. It also looks like a pretty flimsy and frail piece of plastic, and not really something you’d want to bring with your anywhere.

But, hey, Nintendo probably know a lot more about their business than I do.

The Nintendo Switch is available March 2017.

  1. And this guy is calling himself a gamer!? ↩︎