It’s too hot. I can’t sleep at night. I’m having a severe allergic reaction today. There are too many e-mails in my inbox.

I’m seeing War of the Worlds in about forty five minutes, gotta go.

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  1. yeah.. what did you think about the movie?? I thought it was quite good for a “Tom Cruise-movie”, except for the camcorder incident.. that part really bugged me.. :P

  2. Oh happy day! I wasn’t the only one disturbed by the camcorder! :) None of my friends took any noitice of it, and it bugged the hell out of me.. Other than that, I liked the movie, even though I think there were some weakness’ in some parts of the plot..

    Oh, and Vegard, don’t complain about the weather, too hot is better than too cold if you ask me :p

  3. Too cold is so much better than too hot. When it’s too cold, you can just put on more clothes. Too hot sucks ass because you can only take off so much clothes…

    If you don’t like the weather were you are, you can always come to Oslo. We’ve had excellent weather for quite some time now.