Here’s a short update for those of you who were wondering if I was dead or not.

I’ve just moved from A to B, thanks to the help of Terje, Inger and Espen, I was able to move all my stuff on Wednesday. My new room still looks like a mess and I don’t have a working Internet connection, but I’ll probably fix that today. Stine is coming to visit tonight, and I have to use the weekend to entertain her and get my room fixed – which includes a trip to IKEA with Ola and a rental car from NRK – so I wouldn’t expect any juice updates until Monday evening, maybe even Tuesday.

And since you’re probably wondering; the new place is – at least so far – a googol (it’s a number you know) times better than the old apartment – NO KIDS and no screaming and yelling in fucking Spanish! One of the girls living there actually grew up with Camilla. Norway is just to god damn small.

I’m starting to get a fairly high number of hits from computers hooked on to US Government and US Military domains. But it takes more than that to scare me!

UPDATE: My webcam is yet again active and pointed out my window. There is a firehouse just up the street, you might be lucky and see a fire truck every now and then. Yay!

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  1. It’s “googol” when you’re talking about the number. And “googolplex” is another number. From memory, it’s equal to a one followed by googol zeroes.

    Pretty big…

  2. Yet another typo makes its way to the Internet…

    Google says 1 googol = 1.0 × 10100. In short. My new place is better than the old one. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  3. Congratulations with new room!! …and have a jolly bob weekend!
    (I have a virus on my computer, and I cant even use my antivirus program…bye bye computer:(

  4. oh, great. so vegard is allowed to use the markup for superscript in his comments, but i’m not? i know that this is your site and everything, and because you are the grand poo-bah, you rule unchallenged, but can’t you show a little compassion?!

  5. Ian: I’m not allowed to superscript in the form, but I can edit the field in the database afterwards.

    Actually, I plan to open up for every HTML-tag available, and so how it goes.

    Marita: Thanks a lot. So far the place seems so much better than the old one. You have a great weekend, too, you hear?

  6. the exiting part here is that the laundry seems to be women clothing, and lots of stuff made of leather and latex. crossdresser, eh?

  7. Klas: You saw all those things?? DAMN .. all I saw was a rather blury shape that sort of resembled drying clothes..