Thursday was a national holiday in Norway. We like to consider ourselves good Christians and thus take a day off now and then to celebrate some important event in Christianity, like the birth of Jesus Christ himself or whatnot. On Thursday it was the Ascension of Jesus, and in Oslo most people spent the day with friends, home alone or whatever floated their boat that particular day - it should be said that very few give a rat’s about the reason why they get to stay home from work, though.

You see, most Norwegians aren’t really devoted Christians. That’s why, when I’m Ruler of the World (or at least Norway), we’ll remove all the Christian holidays and replace them with other holidays. Christianity, or any religion preaching devotion to a higher power, never really appealed that much to me, and I resigned from the state church years ago.

But I digress, this entry was supposed to be about a picture I took of a rainbow Thursday afternoon after having returned home from the park (where I had a rather weird experience, but more about that in a later entry). The rainbow suddenly popped up outside my living room window and it looked like I would be able to capture most of the arch if I went outside. So I grabbed my 400D (which had a 50mm lens attached at the time) and headed out.

The image is a panorama stitched together from a lot of shots, unfortunately I didn’t have much time outside because it started raining cats and dogs. Still, the result is not too bad, but you can see the stitches quite clearly. If you have access to better software than me, like Photoshop, feel free to fix it up a little. You should download to your computer for a better view, by the way, the Gallery I use does not work too well with panorama.

A rainbow.