This site has been through a lot of design changes over the years. Not long ago, I changed to this design - a combination of two themes I dug up from the interwebs. But it’s rather boring and change is needed. Unfortunately, changing the theme is a lot of work and I used a couple of days during the last redesign.

So this time I’m only realigning a little, changing small bits and pieces of the site - and eventually, everything will have changed! A few months ago, I changed the header. You might not have noticed, but the background picture was removed and the font size decreased. Then, I added a plugin that enables you to subscribe to comments on a thread you find interesting, in case that ever happens. So far, one person has used the subscription feature. Success!

This week, I added another plugin: It let’s you check out what kind of music I play on any player that reports in to You’ll find it in the footer on every page. There’s also a link to my Spotify account. If you look at it now, you’ll notice that Katy Perry scores quite high in my Top Artists.

What a shame. I feel the need to defend myself a little here. I actually think her most recent album is not that bad. When it was released, I saw a lot of really bad reviews and decided to listen to both of her albums. Her debut got rave reviews, and to me, both albums sound more or less the same. Then why did the new album get trashed? I have no idea.

Well, enough about that. Reviewers have no idea what they are talking about. I know best.


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