It’s been almost three weeks since we last “spoke”. I’ve been busy with vacation and stuff. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to:

  • Klas came to visit and we went to a birthday party.
  • I watched the entire first season of Dexter. I never really got the hang of Dexter until I watched the entire season in three consecutive evenings.
  • In spite of the swine flu and the ETA I spent a short week in Spain. It was unbelievably hot. Spanish people look very fit until they reach 45, then they shrink and inflate in a weird way. I managed to take a couple of pictures with my new IXUS 100 IS camera and might post some soon.
  • I built myself a new desktop computer and played computer games way too much. Tonight I’ve been playing the original Half-Life and I’ve had a blast this time, too. The game still scares the crap out of me. I was running XP for a while, but installed Windows 7 today. Unfortunately, it locks up every now and then, so I’ll probably move back to XP tomorrow. Or try to troubleshoot the cause, my best guess is the Linksys wireless PCI card.
  • On Wednesday I went to a music festival and saw Rise Against live. Even though they play most of their songs like it’s straight off their CDs, it was momentous event and totally worth the ticket. I was a bit afraid Tim McIlrath would sound like Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl live, not very good, that is, but he was excellent. I also saw Bon Iver, great stuff.
  • I quit my job, again. On Monday I’m starting in my new job, full time Java programmer.
  • Hallvard and Susanne finally had their baby, so I’ve visited them and gave the kid something to make sure he’ll turn out to be a good nerd.

That probably wasn’t much considering I’ve summed up three weeks, but I guess the point of having a summer vacation is doing nothing. I’m good at that.


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