Yeah, how’s it going with that redesign I’ve kept rambling on about lately? I’m happy to announce that there is in fact some progress, and here’s a little teaser for you.

Redesign teaser 2010-02-15

You’ll notice there is no trace of the color palettes I spent a week looking for and you won’t find the fonts I dug up from the darkest hole on the interweb. In fact, the only thing I planned to use that you’ll also see above are the rounded corners. Why is that? Well, several times I sat down to start to work from scratch on the new design and every single time I ended up ripping my hair out while I was banging my head against the keyboard, cursing CSS and all the things I couldn’t make it do.

It’s time to face the facts. I once knew how to create magic style sheets, but I never did manage to keep up with all the new things that have happened since the last time I designed something from scratch. In the end I sat down to look at free WordPress themes, and I eventually selected two themes from Theme Lab that I will merge and modify to my liking.

I wrote the first entry about the redesign all the way back in December last year, so you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for anything to happen. Still, the progress has been quite good tonight, I’ve finished the general layout, the navigation, the header and implemented the one-liners.

I should probably also mention that the new server is working a lot better than the old one, both in terms of stability and performance. Good, although nerdy, times.