As you know, my Xbox 360 began to misbehave last week and I had to send it back to the online store from where I bought it for repairs. On Monday they sent me a mystery package, but for some strange reasons, they decided to send it to our old office address, and not to my apartment. I didn’t manage to track it down to the right post office until today.

They had solved the hardware issue the easy way; by sending me a spanking new console. Good. They had, however, failed to return the game that was bundled with my first Xbox 360 and that had I returned as per their instructions. Bad. Also, all my save games are on the hard drive attached to the malfunctioning console. Bad. And, just to top it off, one of the fans in the new box is making the familiar sounds of a fan that has only a few days left to live. Bad.

One “good” versus three “bad” is not good. It’s bad.