Since 2013 is creeping up on us, let’s talk new year’s resolutions. Last year I had two (text scraped from last year’s wrap-up):

How did I do? Let’s start with the second one, smile more. I think I managed to keep it up for about a week before I returned to my usual grumpy self. To be honest, I hope people don’t see me as grumpy as I sometimes feel, though. In 2013 I will continue my quest to smile more; science has showed time and time again that smiling is contagious.

As for running, I did fairly good. According to Endomondo, I ran 125 kilometres, which is not a lot but considerably more than in 2011, when I ran only 16 kilometres. On top of the 125 kilometres running come the 1309 kilometres I biked last year. Not too bad. I’m hoping to keep running in 2013 and break my 125 kilometres record, and hopefully push my time per kilometre below 5 minutes.

But that was last year. What’s in store for the 2013 new year’s resolutions? One thing is for sure, 2013 will be more ambitious than 2012:

So there you have it. Come on, 2013, I’m ready for you!



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