Working with my new Korean friend continued today. As the amount of work that had to be done went back and forth - he did his coding, I did my testing - I continued to play with my second SimCity 4 city - naturally named Second City - when I was waiting for him.

May I interest you in an apartment in one of these nice apartment buildings, perhaps? Special price for you, my friend.

apartment buildings in Second City.

Another thing I’ve done today is to have a mini-workout-session. It’s been a really long time since my last. I usually only have those evening sessions when I’m in-between-dates or girlfriends. Sounds cheesy, I know. It’s probably my subconscious saying “scored! No need to keep right fit now” and my crave for a good workout quickly disappears. Now my common sense is trying to convince my subconscious that working out is a good idea even if I do have a girlfriend. Good luck to my common sense on that.

I’ve also been working on a new addition to the site, but it’s still on the drawing board so it’s not much to tell yet.