No, I did not get laid yesterday. I actually got this question today from someone who’d seen the recent events in the Mobog. I guess it’s a natural question to ask, at least if you look at the last picture that was uploaded. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one who took the pictures, I just put them online for your entertainment. I wasn’t even in the same city. That’s the wonder of modern technology for you! Did the guy who took the pictures get lucky? I really don’t know, but I’d say it’s a fair chance he did.

Personally, I ended up drinking beer with Espen, his girlfriend Marit and a friend of Marit’s whose name I can’t remember. I’m just terrible with names. The plan was to have one beer and then go home, but suddenly we’d had five or six or maybe even seven. Great evening, and, once again, we miraculously managed to keep the discussions off work-related topics. Mostly.

Some people try to change the world. Karine, who I live with, is one of these people. She’s a member of Changemaker, and today they tried to turn the public’s attention towards climate refugees and why this is problem that will just grow in the future. A hard challenge during the Christmas shopping season. I joined them and took a few pictures, unfortunately I’ve not had the chance to look at any of them yet, but I think I was able to get a couple of good ones.