It’s been an exciting racing weekend: The Formula 1 teams had flown across the pond to Canada for the annual Grand Prix Du Canada in Montreal. As so many times before, Lewis Hamilton secured pole position in Saturday’s qualifying session, while Rober Kubica surprised everyone by starting from the second position in the grid after well below average driving through the entire session - except for when it really mattered.

After a clean start, the race progressed without any noticeable incidents until Andrian Sutil span out and parked his Force India where it was impossible for the circuit crew to get to it without the help of the safety car. As soon as the pit opened, all the cars in the top positions decided to enter. In itself a very interesting thing, since five cars in the pit at the same time is quite a lot on the Canadian track.

Both Raikkonen and Kubica overtook Hamilton during the pit stop and left their respsective pits after a quick tyre change and refueling. Both cars had to stop at the pit exit because of a red light. Unfortunately, Hamilton didn’t see the neither the red light nor the two cars in front of him and slammed into the back of Raikonnen’s Ferrari, the end result being that they both had to retire from the race.

Kubica was not affected by this, pulled away from the pits as soon as the green light was turned on and went on to win the race, his first every Formula 1 victory.

Tonight we’re all Polish.


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